Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Birthday Boy!!

My sweet boy turned 2 today.
I wish he was still that small! So effing cute.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fat Tuesday vs Cupid

Let me tell you why Mardi Gras is such a blessing. 
[[besidesthe fact it proves there are drunker, dumber people than me]]
It totally overrules/erases/vanishes the reminder of ValentinesDay
There’s so much green, purple, and gold around town; you totally forget the ridiculous “holiday” is looming.
It’s true, im single and maybe a little bitter.  At least I admit it?

Not only does Mardi Gras distract but it allows you to buysthings like this:
Laissez les bons temps rouler

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2k13 is YOUR year...

So, I got my Birchbox yesterday, and tucked inside was a list of 25 ways to make 2013 awesome.
As I was reading through it I thought, THIS LIST, THIS LIST WAS MADE FOR ME! It was just what I needed, something to get me motivated, and goals to reach, without actually having to think of them myself! (see the irony there)
I guess they aren’t really “goals”, per se, but they are things to get myself rebooted, and hopefully ways to get my mind off what it’s been focused on for the past week or so.

So here we go, check out the list and see what you think

[ONE]: Don’t swear off carbs (I couldn’t do this if my life depended on it. I’m Italian and Sunday’s call for anything containing pasta)

(2): Experiment with yes (I’ll ante up to this; although I feel like this could get out of control #yikes)

{3}: Leave your phone at home (I’m intrigued by this. Of course the day I do it, I will run out of gas or get a flat tire, but still…intrigued)

[FOUR]: Get cozy with SPF (my new daytime face cream contains SPF, checking this one off the list!)

{five}: Eat Breakfast (see previous post: instant grits have become my go-to. Although I am working on early morning wake-ups that allow me more time…see number 8)

(6): about those resolutions (I really only vowed to keep my running up and to start going to church again. So far so good!)

[[SEVEN]]: Start a Sunday evening ritual (does nursing a hangover every Sunday count?)

[eight]: TAKE YOUR TIME (I try, I so try to wake up early to give myself time. BUT this coming from the girl who slept in a wet ponytail and her uniform in high school so all I had to do was brush my teeth and go!)

{9}: optimize your skincare (huh?? Why wouldn’t you be using something that’s effective anyway??)

{TEN}: fancy a new spritz (I’m hooked on Viktor and Rolf “Flowerbomb” right now, so I’m going to continue to fancy that for a while)

I think I’m going to keep you hanging for the next 15...
See anything, so far, that may spark your twenty13 fire??

Friday, January 11, 2013


Happy Friday Bitches!
I have a feeling this weekend is going to rock my socks :)
Linking up Lauren for my top 5.

1. I've been eating grits all week, and they have been amazing. Plus, i realized this morning, it was a pack of 12 - not 6!!
2. I got to wear my sunglasses this afternoon! YAY!
3. My purse came in! It's beautiful and I am using it for the first time tonight!
4. Just for good measure, a pic of Fritz, this is him and his version of duck hunting :) 
5. My #tbt pic. My friends and me in New York senior year. Pretty much one of my favorite pictures of ALL TIME!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thirsty Thursday

I better hurry up and post before south Louisiana just drowns right off the map…

Not only is all the rain bringing me down, but also so is the amount of followers. I don’t have… What’s a girl got to do to bring on the readers?
Besides my mom reading religiously (thanks mom), I’m not quite sure who else I should credit the page views to…

On the other hand I thought I’d try out “It’s OK Thursday’s”
Its Ok Thursdays
It’s ok…

…that I use hashtags on Facebook

…that I also use hashtags in my everyday text

…to dress sloppy on rainy days

…that my 51 pound dog sleeps under the covers, in between my legs
…to wish Thirsty Thursdays were as big of a priority as they used to be

 …that I talk to myself, pretty much, all day long

…that I’m doing this at work, instead of the long list of things I really need to be doing.

…that all I want to do is eat king cake until I throw up…

What are y'all ok with?

Friday, January 4, 2013


Thank you God, for short weeks! Although next week is going to blowwww.
Linking up with Lauren, of course, for my top 5.
1. This was after our dance party on NYE. I feel extremely blessed to call these people my friends. One of which is Erin, check out her blog. 
2. My initial necklace came in! My sister, of course, gave me this fab gift - and I've worn it everyday since :)
3. Animal Crackers are the
4. I broke down and bought this baby last night. Isn't she beautiful?! I did standard shipping because it was free, but I am beginning to regret it. I WANT IT NOW!
5. The only thing that makes the holidays being over ok, is  Mardi Gras. As if any of us need a season to get wasted, naked, and have parades. But God Bless us, a season it is, and the season is here!
So, if you don't mind me saying:
 "'Tis the season to drink like you're still in college, and act like you're a stripper!" 


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

So undoubtedly, the most depressing thing about a new year is saying goodbye to the holidays. Taking down decorations is as upsetting as realizing you only have time for one drink during happy hour.

I have been totally vacant from the blog world since before Christmas. Not intentionally, of course, but I’ve been participating in the following:

disclaimer: Fritz was really good this year.
I hope everyone’s Christmas was as wonderful as mine.

As for New Year’s Eve…
I have gotten to the point where I believe know, NYE is overrated. You talk it up so much, it just ends up to be a let down, and your stuck kissing the rim of your glass rather than the tall, dark, and handsome you’ve been eying stalking all night.
This night turned out no different, but instead of talking it up so much – I decided to go with the flow. Thus, when downtown resulted in the ghost town you are only prepared to see at Clay Aiken concerts, I wasn’t completely discouraged. It turned into a giant dance party, that in reality could have been held in our hotel room for much cheaper than the $300 dollar bar tab I closed out at, but none the less, dance we did. 
Danced our asses right into the New Year.
Now it’s back to pretending my resolutions are possible, and that twenty13 is, in fact, MY year…